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We deliver two treatment packages, you may able to find sufficient information here.

About Our Treatment Packages

  • Accommodation with - breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon tea/ or fruit juice
  • Initial Ayurveda consultation with Physician and subsequent follow-up consultations
  • Ayurveda treatment according to treatment plan as prescribed by the Physician, which usually includes the following daily therapies
  • Freshly made herbal decoctions
  • Herbal elixirs
  • Head oil application (massage)
  • Face oil application (massage)
  • Synchronized oil massage
  • Herbal bath or steam bath
  • Special ayurveda treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Ayurveda consultation

Special Ayurveda Treatments Panchakarma Treatment(Nasya,Vamana,Virechana ,Vasthi and Rakthamokshana treatment),Shirodahara Treatment ,Sarvanga Dhara treatment,Udvarthana Treatment, Herbal body wrap treatment, Herbal facial treatment, Herbal inhalation, Flower Bath, Reflexology treatment .some treatment in this category Should be include One day ayurveda pacage.All ayrveda Treatment include 7Day,14Day and 21Day Our Ayurveda Treatment packages.

Every package Including AirPort Transport, Visit Snake Garden, Historical places, Temples, Mirissa Bay Beach, Mirissa Harbor, Jungle Tour, Batik and Sri lankan Hand Craft centers,Matara Fort, Doundra Light house,Weligama bay Beach and Shopping Tour.

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Ayurveda Treatments From Experts

OFFER : 14 days Ayurveda Treatment Package
September To November

AC Single - USD 2030.00
AC Double - USD 3460.00
Non AC Single - USD 1880.00
Non AC Double - USD 3310.00 (2 excruion free + shoping tour / 10% Off from other excrution)
Non AC Triple - USD 4470.00 (15% off from Medicin / 1 time per day to mirissa beach free)

Exciting packages are available for the new season, check soon and grab the offer.

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