An oil based therapy ideal for various nerve disorders and degenerative ailments. Diseases such as tingling of hands and feet, diabetic neuropathy, numbness,nervous systems,suneuralgia,skin diseases,psoriasis,paralytic sudation etc. are effectively treated using this therapy. Impacts of the diseases like poor nerve conduction and lack of blood circulation to the limbs are largely mended after extended therapy.

Thailadhara is a continuous showering and massaging process of the whole body with warm medicated oil. This activates the muscles and nerve endings. The warm oil shower also allows active perspiration thus expelling toxins and wastes from the body. Hence its rejuvenating effects are also remarkable.

Preconditioning of the body is the first stage of Thailadhara. It involves the smearing of the whole body with warm oil. This makes the body muscles loose, and enables active functioning of the medicines. The next step is to allow the person to sit on the wooden treatment table. Warm oil is then poured through nosed vessels, on to the body, non stop for nearly an hour. This is usually done by 2 or more trained therapists.

During this time, the whole body is immensely exposed to rich warm medicated oil. The herb-enriched oil rejuvenates the nerves and tissues and allows faster circulation of blood to the body extremities. It also awakens the self healing mechanism of the body, eventually leading to a healthy long lasting life.

The main preparation used for thailadhara is the medicated oil, made by boiling herbs such as sida, deodar, white lead wort, Malabar nut,madagaskar, nutmeg, liquorice,Cassia etc. in sesame oil, castor oil,Coleus and milk. Most of these herbs have powerful nerve stimulating properties.

The exact duration and type of medicine to be used are decided by the physician depending upon the type of disease, age, body conditions etc. However, a 2 to 3 weeks treatment course is considered to be ideal. Oral medicines like Kashayam (decoction), Choornam (powder) and diabetic control medicines, all herbal-made, also form a part of the treatment. People taking ayurvedic diabetic control medicines are seen to have milder impacts of diabetic neuropathy.

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