Abhyangam in ayurveda means a full body massage done with bare hands, using warm herbal oil. The high penetration ability of the healing herbs helps surface the toxins inside the body, and ensures active blood circulation to afflicted areas.

Other than its curing ability, the massage is also a wonderful revitalizing exercise to activate and stimulate the body nerves. Blood circulation to all body parts is enhanced, helping the person to tone up his body and preserve youthfulness. The massage also rejuvenates the persons mind. He gets sound sleep and becomes free of mental tensions and distractions.

The treatment begins with active oil application. Oil of tolerable warmth, is applied to the entire body of the person lying relaxingly on the treatment table. Oil is let to absorb into the skin for 4-5 minutes. Slow massage is then given, using the whole palm and fingers. Active massage is given on the vital parts, like the sole of feet, palms, fingertips etc., where more nerve ending are concentrated. This is continued for nearly 45/50 minutes and then the person is left to rest for about 15 minutes for the oil to act.

The doctor generally recommends one or two weeks of this oil massage, along with oral medicines like Kashayam (decoction) Lehyam (semi solid), Choornam (powder) etc. Such massages revitalize the joints and muscles and effectively relieve many inflammatory diseases.

Popular oils like Dhanwantharam, Ksheerabala etc. are the ones used for this massage. These oils are a blend of sesame oil and medicinal herbs like mustard,butterfly pea,eclipta, neem bark, bael, sida, spreading hog weed, ten roots, rock salt, sweet flag etc. Neem bark is a good herb for inflammatory diseases.

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